Ella: El viento

Ella as a mermaid resting on the shore of the beach. Very beautiful girl sunbathes on the hot sea stones. Not only the stones are hot from the sun, but our little mermaid too. She wears nothing but a white shawl that’s why we can see her big boobs. On the shore she seduces us and everyone around with her body and beautiful breasts. Her young body is fanned by sea breezes, and attracts as songs of Serenas. For the sake of such beauty and you can go to certain death as sailors used to. In a while her body covers with drops of sea water.

Ella: El viento by Karr


Carrie Ashton: Hometown Hooters

Part-time model Carrie Ashton has a regular job so no one gets to see her magnificence like you do. “My work clothes are so terrible,” Carrie Ashton said. “Very professional. Very frumpy. Nothing revealing at all. They are cute, but they actually make me look bigger than I am. When I go out to party or club it, I will wear a dress. I like stilettos, too. I like to dress up to go out, but for every day I am very casual and relaxed. Even though I am not very girly most of the time, I like getting all sexy when I got out. I like to look hot.” Carrie Ashton‘s more of a homebody, though. Emphasis on the word body. “Actually, I can’t stand going out to restaurants because a lot of times, when I do go out, people stare at me because of my boobs and they act stuck up and full of themselves. That is not my idea of a good time. I prefer to get takeout and stay home and watch the game on T.V., or, like, a movie.” So who needs to go out with a girl like this waiting at home?

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Jennifer Slamme: My First Older Guy

“In one of my night classes, I got paired up on a project with a guy who’s old enough to be my dad,” said Jennifer Slamme. “We worked on it in the library and had coffee afterwards a few times, then, one night, I ended up screwing him in the back seat of his Lexus. He is by far the best lover I’ve had because he knows what he’s doing and wants me to enjoy it as much as he does. Now we go back to his apartment to screw after every class before he takes me back to my dorm. He took these photos.”

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Talia: Angelic Beauty

Two things you don’t see enough of from nude models these days is character and charisma…that extra spark that makes a girl something more than simply a naked body to look at. At MPL, we try to bring character and personality to the photos by selecting very special charismatic girls you will remember and enjoy for years. Talia is certainly one of those girls. Her photos have energy because she has energy, and that’s always refreshing thing to see.

Talia: Angelic Beauty by Jan Svend



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