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Lily Lohan: Sweet & Sticky

Welcome back, Lily. What have you been up to since we last saw you in the July ’09 issue? ‘Well, I’m happy to report that I’m no longer a virgin. I finally got the dick that I had been craving so bad, and I feel so much better! Back when I was a virgin I was always in a bad mood because I was sexually frustrated. But now I don’t have a care in the world. I have a boyfriend–an older guy like I always wanted. Our sex life is sooo amazing. His cock is like a magic stick that makes me orgasm nonstop!’ What kinds of things do you do for your older boyfriend? ‘I really like to cook for him. If I could, I would spend….. read more >>

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Elle La Ware: Hosed Hoochie

Elle, what’s with you and water? You got wet in the shower in the April ’10 issue too!
Being wet and playing in water is fun. And I think I look sexy when I’m wet, especially when I’m wearing white clothes like these. When a girl has her hair wet and slicked back and her nipples showing through her wet shirt, it just looks so hot and seductive. You should see how all the guys in my neighborhood look at me when I wash the car. I wear a white wifebeater with no bra and teeny, tiny shorts.

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Ava Lee: Asian Delight

Have you had any kinky sex lately, Ava Lee? “Always! Just last week I totally seduced my brother’s friend. He was here waiting for my brother to get home, so I told him to come into my room because I wanted his opinion on some outfits I was trying on. I changed in front of him with my tits out and everything. He was shocked.” We hope it got a lot kinkier than that. “Well, let me finish my story! So he was there all shocked because I was getting naked in …

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