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Catt Green: Spreading for thrills

“I like dating for a few months then moving on to a new guy when things start to get boring,” said Catt Green. “I enjoy being with a guy when everything is new and exciting–especially when it comes to sex. The guy I’m with now started talking to me about letting him take photos after the first time we had sex. I made him beg for a while before I agreed, but I love the thrill of it.”

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Catt & Beverly’s Big Tit Tug Adventure

SCORELAND’s previous Tits & Tugs double-header starred the horny team of Maserati and Desiree. They did a bang-up job of jacking and tit-boffing the cock and couldn’t resist sucking on it either. These double-headers double the pleasure giving you two girls to stare at while they stare back. Following in Maserati’s and Desiree’s bra-straps are two more delectable newcomers teaming up for the first time after meeting in the SCORE Studio for the first time, Catt Green and Beverly Paige. Catt‘s the redhead, Beverly‘s the brunette. Like Maserati and Desiree, Catt and Beverly have huge, natural, mouthwatering jugs. Catt Green has done a Tits & Tugs by herself, and Beverly Paige has already gone The Full Mounty, as in mounting the man-pole, at SCORELAND and Now you will see them partner up for the first time together in a Tits & Tugs double-header to drain the pipe in their own special way. But before they get to play with their walking dildo and get doused with all that sticky jizz, they have a pillow fight. Because girls will be girls. And pillow fights are a girl thing that guys like girls to do. Next up: Catt & Beverly‘s Big Tit Tug Adventure in SCORE Theater.

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