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Catt Green: Spreading for thrills

“I like dating for a few months then moving on to a new guy when things start to get boring,” said Catt Green. “I enjoy being with a guy when everything is new and exciting–especially when it comes to sex. The guy I’m with now started talking to me about letting him take photos after the first time we had sex. I made him beg for a while before I agreed, but I love the thrill of it.”

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Contessa Rose – I’m as wild as my friends think i am

“None of my friends would be surprised if you told them I’d posed for this site,” said Contessa Rose. “They all know I have a wild side and how sexually wild it can be. Like, I once had a fivesome with some of them on the 50-yard line of a high school football field after a night out. Okay? One of my girlfriends took these photos and, yes, we got it on when we were done. I love getting lezzie just as much as I like fucking guys. They both get me going in different ways and my orgasms feel quite different. If I want you, I’ll tell you, then make all the moves and leave you totally exhausted.”

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Helena Lopez: Pussy in the Florida sun

“I posed in the grounds of the condo complex where I live,” said Helena Lopez. “My boyfriend lives there, too. He has his own unit. It was a weekday during the summer and we hoped that there was nobody around. It was worth the risk to make my fantasy come true.”

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Keeley Knight: Considering a career in sex

“I don’t know what I want to do with my life,” said Keeley Knight. “Perhaps I’ll major in psychology and become a sex surrogate; you know, one of those women who fucks male patients to help them overcome problems with their sex lives. I could start each session by showing the guy my NN layout to get him warmed up.

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Jasmine Fields: This cougar is always hunting!

Jasmine Fields, 52, lives in Denver, Colorado. Her birthday is March 17. This divorced, freelance writer and businesswoman is 5’4″, weighs 120 pounds, wears 34D bras and likes thongs or bikini panties, except when she’s going out looking to get laid: then she goes commando. She “most always swallows” and “loves butt sex.” Her most memorable fuck as a cougar–so far–was with two, 25-year-old Italian guys who picked her up in a swanky Beverly Hills hotel and screwed her brains out, taking turns and going DP as well. “I’ll never forget that night which started out in the hotel’s hot tub,” Jasmine Fields said. “But I couldn’t tell you how many times I was fucked or how many times I orgasmed.”

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